Monday, July 27, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award 2009

It seems that Hope over at My Hope is in the Lord has selected me to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you, sweet Hope. It is an honor to get this award from someone who is so creative. It is also an honor to be selected along with these other very creative bloggers.

This award is given to bloggers whose blogs are interesting and have a lot of creativity. Thank you Hope!

It has been fun blogging these past three months. I never knew that I would enjoy it so much. The creativity has actually been awakened from years of slumber. Reading all of your blogs inspires me and gives me ideas. I feel like I can be creative or go and do creative things again.

I think I put myself on hold to be the boss-mom. I set aside things because they weren't convenient or controllable. I felt I couldn't complete anything so I just wouldn't start anything. Call me crazy, but I guess that is how I cope.

Now that my kids are older I feel like we can go do crazy, fun things. Many mom's don't miss a beat when they have kids. They take their kids everywhere and do everything. I am not so adventurous and I like control and order (oh there's that word again).

So now I will get started on fulfilling the award expectations. I am going to tell seven things about myself that most of you do not know. I did this once with another award, but I think I can come up with seven more thanks to Kat at Art's Chili. She thought she was fresh out of things to tell about herself, but her creative mind helped her to come up with an idea. Her love for coffee helped her out.

1) My love for gardening, as limited as it may be, came from the last job I had at
a nursing home as an Activity Assistant. My Director gave me the job to begin a
raised garden program for the residents in their courtyard. I learned a lot and
have enjoyed planting and tending small gardens ever since. There is much, much
more to learn.

2) As a child, my dream was to grow up, get married and have five kids. Well I
didn't follow that dream. It was a good dream, but I chose to do things without
God's help. Thank God He patiently watched and protected me as I made my way.
I got married to a guy who wanted to wait. Then I had a miscarriage, then I got
divorced. At age 34 I was introduced to the real husband. We got married. At
that age two kids sounded more sensible. I'd like one boy and then one girl. I
wasn't asking for much. At age 37 I had a boy and twenty months later I had
a girl. Isn't God creative and loving and smart? I know He is.

3) I always thought my kids would be athletes. I have one techy and one actress/
artist/ singer. God knows best.

4) I played basketball for about two years. I lacked the confidence to "go to the
hoop" as a forward which drove my coach nuts. She wanted me to try and do well,
but I gave up and quit. I'm still kicking myself. I loved watching our boys
basketball team play in high school. It helped that they were state champions
or vying for it all three years of high school.

5) I used to love water skiing and jet skiing. As a matter of fact I got pretty good
at both. Can't afford it now and my back couldn't take it either.

6) I learned to scuba dive in October when the bay water was only 40 to 45 degrees.
Now that was invigorating. I thought my heart would stop when I let the water
into my wet suit. WHEW!

7) I actually like doing laundry. I do it everyday as long as I'm home. It's a
mindless time filler while waiting for a Doctor's office to call, kids to finish
homework, a reason to get out of a room or off my behind.

I did laundry for my SIL while we visited them for two weeks last summer. She
had a pile of dirty clothes in the master bedroom that was three feet wide and
up to my thighs.

She was taking summer school working on her Masters in nursing. I knew I could
be of help and I would feel like I was contributing something to their household
while we loafed around at their house for two weeks eating their food, etc.

So there they are, seven things you may not have known about me. Now I have to choose seven bloggers who I would like to give the award to and why.

First will be Barbara at Barbara's Bakin N Bits. She is creative in many ways, but her recipes are awesome. You've got to go over and look at the pictures of the food she prepares. You'll know what I mean. (Sorry I'm having trouble linking to Barbara)Be sure to go over and visit her blog.

Next I'll choose Christine at Vista Woman. Christine wrote a post that caught my attention. It was very creatively written and it made me want to know her more. Go over and read What Hat Are You Wearing? You'll love it. She also gives me advice for getting a job with a school district. Thanks Christine.

Third, I'm awarding Mich, over at Mich the Kreativ Blogger award because Mich is creatively honest about her life and her family. She doesn't pretend to be something she isn't. I love how she shares her stories and thoughts.

FourthI'm choosing my daughter over at Hannah's Faves because she is using her blog to share art in a way I never thought she would. She is a good story teller, but she is writing stories in another venue where she gets immediate feedback from others who are chatting. You go Hannah!!

Fifthis Heather at Want What You Have. Heather is frugal and creative about it. She and her husband have a very cool story about getting out of debt, that we all can learn from. She is a sensible, down to earth mother of some gorgeous kids.

SixthI'm awarding Renee at Glow Academy because she has all kinds of ideas for kids and moms. She also changes her blog look a lot so you can always be surprised and creatively blessed with her creativity.

And seventhwill be Lauren at Walking By Faith. Lauren is a creative writer. She shares God's love and His work in her life so creatively. And she and her husband have a very creative engagement story. So sweet, you have to meet Lauren.


  1. Hi Nannette, Jacob finally fell alseep about 11:00.
    Now if I can only relax to sleep lol.I like to of never got him out to go to hospital, he had about 15 people around him lol.He has a littl knot but since they glued it closed I cant put an ice bag on it :( Its right in middle of forhead.

  2. lol ok let me try this again lol
    Ok Jacob finally got to sleep, They didnt give him stitches but glued it closed, he has a huge knot but they said I could not put ice on it because it will disolve the glue :(
    Now if I can just get to sleep lol.


  4. Congratulations Nanette! I love your blog!
    I liked reading your 7 things. I like to do laundry too. It is my favorite household chore. But I hate putting the laundry away! I let the kids do that.:)
    Have a great day!

  5. Congratulations! U deserve it!
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  6. I like doing laundry too! I do atleast one load a day so that I can keep up with it all the time. It is such an easy task. Congrats on your award!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Here I was, popping over to congratulate you on the much deserved award ... then I see you have blessed me with it too!! You are too sweet! :) I am so happy that we are blog friends!

  8. Thank you so much! I'm honored to be chosen :)

  9. Thank you for the award and the complimentary words. You are very sweet.

    I always enjoy learning more about my blogging friends and this is a great way to get to know you better. I also like doing laundry!

    Please let me know where you live so we can give each other a hug in person!

  10. Congrats on your award...looks great on you! I used to love to water ski too, not so much now! I wanted a house full of kids too, but God has his plans. I have learned that! Have a great day.

  11. Hello Nannette,

    I think I found the right Barbara, if so, her Country Breakfast Pizza looks delicious! I do so love breakfast, any time of the day or night!

    You sound like a very adventurous woman, must be why you though your children would be athletic.

    I also like to keep thing in control and really did not have enough energy to do all the things other mothers seemed to be able to do when my children were small. It is so much easier with them being older. We have always had our weekend camping trip, but I did not run around entertaining them with all sorts of activities.

    I enjoyed reading your 7 things. And you are right, Kat had a good idea with her coffee theme; I think I might copy it someday. Now I sound REALLY creative, right?

    I am glad you feel that blogging has allowed you to become more creative; I always enjoy reading your thoughts and adventures, and I LOVE your comments.


  12. I'm so glad that BLOGGING has inspired your inner self to be creative again. It is such a fun "outlet", isn't it? I love my blogging friends!

    Thanks for making me smile with your comments on my blog tonight Nannette. I needed it. =0)

  13. Hi Nannette,
    Thank you for awarding me this fun award. It is always great, getting to know others in this fun way.
    Hey, I like laundry also.

  14. Congrats on the award and thanks! I enjoy getting to meet knew people, especially those who love the Lord like i do and want to raise their families by His standards.