Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Daughter Was in a Play

This past week my daughter spent everyday rehearsing for a play, King Arthur's Quest. The parks department partners with the Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) every year to put on a play with the local kids as the characters. You may have heard of the MCT coming to your town. They travel all over the USA and some other countries as well.

This year my daughter went to the audition. There were 65 kids and they all got parts. There were kids ages five up to 18. They were all there to do some serious acting. And they did a great job in just one week.

Two directors got these kids acting within moments of organizing them by height. I was amazed! By the end of that first day (about two hours) they had all of the actors selected and scripts were handed out.

By the second day most of the kids had most of their lines memorized. H enjoyed an easier role this year. She has been in our church musical theatre for the last four or five years. Last year she had a lot of lines and it was stressful, but she did a fantastic job. She sang and danced by herself too.

Here she is (in the pink) on the second day getting ready for rehearsal in the gym. As you can see she dresses with a little bit more flair than me. I never had the confidence to dress with flair or act in a play when I was her age.

My dad and mom came to the matinee. Mom brought a beautiful bouquet to give to H after the play.

They gave us a photo op after each performance because no flash photography was allowed. So here are the Damsels In Distress. H is the one on the right in dark blue. She loves blue so she was happy.

The director kept giving them cues to pose accordingly. So there were lot's of opportunities for pictures. Of course I took several, but I'll spare you some of them.

Mom, Dad and H in front of our house after the first performance. She had to keep her make-up on for the second performance. It was hot and H doesn't like it hot. She was trying to be patient with my picture taking.

Here are the main characters. They were very good and funny.

These are the "minis", the miniature version of the main characters. When the giant comes out the minis replace the regular actors. It was so cute. These little kids were quite a hit with the crowd.

These are the Knights and their Squires. Each Knight had a specific behavior that they had to portray, such as depressed, afraid, sarcastic, etc. Their lines and their Squires' lines reflected these behaviors throughout the performance.

A funny pose of the Damsels. They were eating up the photo ops. They all seemed to have a great time this week.

My hubby, my son, my MIL and I all went to the evening performance. Sorry it's a dark picture. I really need to learn all of the great options my camera has. My son tries to show me, but I don't remember them when I need them.

I sure have enjoyed all of the plays my kids have been in. I am used to being a helper, but this year I didn't help. I watched and enjoyed the surprises that a performance brings to the stage.


  1. It sure is amazing to see how much she's grown over the years. I remember when she was this little thing and I could always count on her to have an answer when I called on her in S.S.!

    I guess your son is done with the acting thing, huh?

  2. Well, now it's not supposed to be. I thought it was because my oldest mentioned it on facebook, but I checked the forecast and it's only supposed to be 93 (!).

    Which means it'll probably be a few degrees hotter. So yeah, it'll be crowded but people are still working so shouldn't be as bad.

  3. Nannette,

    How wonderful that your daughter is so confident. The damsels are very funny. It must have been great fun for your daughter.

    Is that a new window I see on your daughter’s room?

    My son is always showing me things like that too, and I don’t remember when I need them…so much to learn…I do not really like all this technology…everything is constantly changing!


  4. That looks great! I am glad that she had fun and did a great job! The flowers are beautiful!

  5. Wow! What a great opportunity for her! I know what you mean about the helping thing. It is great to help out but sometimes it is just fun being able to sit and enjoy things the spectator way too.
    Your pictures were great! I got the idea! thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. How proud you must be. I bet she really did have a great time. I know my kids would love to do something like this. They are always writing plays and putting them on for us. And how special that she got to share it with your extended family!

  7. Nannette,

    to get the blog award to your blog, right click it, chose "Save Picture As" to save it on your computer.


  8. Proud mommy.

    I was never so confident as a teen either, always was trying to blend in.... boring, I know :)

  9. HI Mom! I was being patient in that picture with Gma and Gpa because i had been in a dress on a hot stage under spotlights in make-up(I hate make-up just give me some chap stick and I'm good for a week) and I had to run from stage right to stage left screaming and then singing "In distress, in distress we're damsels in distress we wish that we were calmer but we're damsels in distress UNH!" me and E were joking that we would do the UNH so hard that we would actually faint! LoL! But I had fun while losing my mind!