Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Bowling For Our Son

Our son (JB) will turn fourteen next week and of course friends go on vacations and it's hard to get them together for a summer birthday. So we suggested that our son celebrate this weekend before his besties go on vacations.

Well we still only rounded up two, but we only wanted to spend about $50.00 on his birthday event this year so it worked out fine. We'll grab the other guys for other fun stuff this summer when they're home.

Here are three besties. I think they are all fourteen. Well, will be by next week. The one on the left (B) our son has known since pre school. They just have great time when they get together.

The one on the right (J) just moved here from Columbia when one of our single men at church married his mom. They have actually been married over a year, but it took several months to get them here. We are glad he is here and we enjoy him a lot.

Tried to get them to ham it up, but only B was hamming it up today. Love those bowling shoes. J almost left the bowling alley with his on. I guess they were comfortable.

B is adjusting his shoe laces and trying to look tough. Never gonna happen sweetie pie!

J was so excited to get started he just started bowling on the wrong lane. They were all kind of excited and they were bowling so fast and wild we suggested relaxing and s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n. They did better after that.

I think B just got his first strike! He won the first game.

JB kept sliding down to one knee. They all had some pretty interesting techniques. My hubby and I made suggestions, but they weren't having any of that. They were just having fun!

Here's me with my hubs of fifteen years. Next to Mochas, I love diet Coke! Mmmm Mmm!

You should have seen the couches they had in this place. This is our newest bowling alley and we were in the Black Light Room. There were about eight lanes and we were the only ones in there. The furnishings were different than the rest of the alley.

We were sitting on this cool, curvy black couch. There were two for each lane facing each other. There were some round foot stools that were for the next two bowlers up. It was just really nice. We were comfy.

Here's J sizing up the pins and preparing his next technique.

I think the boys were doing a victory dance. I think B got a spare that time.

JB looks a little frustrated. Geesh, it's only a game! Nah, he doesn't get that upset. I just caught him in a moment.

And I'll END it here. Yup, that's my son's rear end. What a technique he had going on there. He won the second game.


  1. how fun! I am looking at those pics, thinking of how my boys will be that size before I know it! Tell me it goes okay????

  2. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY, JB! They all look like the were having a lot of fun. I love bowling but haven't been for awhile.

    Thank you for sharing your son's b-day bowling with us!


  3. It looks like they had so much fun! Happy 14th JB!!

  4. I am sure the fourth of the Foursome was sorry he had to miss it. It's so hard to get kids together for those summer birthdays.

  5. We used to love to go bowling. There actually are no lanes in town duckpin...but the two 10 ten pins have shut down. Probably better that way, though...I am lousy at bowling! We always had fun, though. Before my sister and her hubby left for Italy we went with the kids and they beat us!