Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane With Dubb Dubb

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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This is a post for "Memory Lane" over at Erica's blog, Scottsville. This is my first attempt so here goes.

This picture isn't old and neither am I (Ha), but the seal sculpture brings back memories of my childhood.

This sculpture is of Dubb Dubb the seal who used to live at the zoo. We recently went to the zoo for a visit and this sculpture caught my attention.

You see, Dubb Dubb was every child's favorite seal when I was a kid. He was huge. This sculpture doesn't show him life size. I'm talkin' he was huge. Overfed is more like it. People could buy fish and feed Dubb Dubb all day long.

He would do tricks and really try to get your attention. He would also catch the fish real well. If someone wanted to feed the other seals, Dubb Dubb would crowd the other seals and get the fish anyway.

I loved standing by the open tank watching Dubb Dubb go through his antics of clapping his fins, waving and twirling in the water. All of the children would get so excited to see Dubb Dubb the seal perform for food.


  1. Awwwww, how neat that you actually REMEMBER him. He must have been something special. =0)

    Thanks for taking my walk with me today! It's so fun going for a walk with friends and hearing about their life stories!


  2. i love going to the zoo!
    i always enjoyed the otters :)

  3. Oh what a cute story! I have always loved visiting the zoo and the seals are definitely a highlight. And no, my friend, you are not old ;)

  4. What a great childhood memory! This was my first week taking a walk down memory lane too!

  5. What a sweet memory. How special that your happy memories from child hood will always be immortalized through that sculpture. I can't recall having any particular favorite animal as a child. Each of my children can name one animal they get really excited about...I just liked them all and could take them or leave them. It wasn't until I really understood God's creation that I came to appreciate the animals He gave us to enjoy.

  6. I don't know if I remember him or not, but I think I do!

  7. What a great memory! I love the seals at the zoo.

  8. This was a nice walk down memory lane. What a fun time you must have had as a kid.

  9. Hello Nannette,

    I am trying to catch up with Memory Lane.

    Childhood memories are such a great pastime. Thank you for sharing this one; I can just see you feeding fish to Dubb Dubb.