Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Went Letterboxing!

Howdy, my friends. I think some of you know what Letterboxing is and that's why you stopped by and of course the rest of you are curious. I'm glad you are here because I think you'll enjoy the pictures.

This first picture shows my kids and their friend from church in front of the park where we experienced our very first Letterboxing day. It is called Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks Park.

It's within ten minutes of our house and it has fun places to play and hang out. Some people were laying in the sun that day. It was a beautiful day.

A few minutes into this walk through the park, my 13 year old walked on (through) mud. I guess he thought it was hard. Our guide, Jenny thought this was hilarious and I had to agree it was. So we had our kodak moment.

First thing he does is take his shoes off. I dunno! They're wet and he doesn't like that? Or maybe mom has a spare pair in the car like when I was a little kid.

Sorry, kiddo! No extra shoes. Put them back on and squish through the rest of the day.

Well even funnier than that, Jenny walks through deep grass, very deep grass. Deep below the ground that is. "Ah! Oh! There's water down there!" Poor Jenny, ha! No sympathy here. Sorry, kiddo. No extra shoes for you either, but Jenny was prepared. She was wearing water shoes. Smart thinkin'.

There was a stream and a pond along the way so we stopped to play and of course build a stone dam.

So finally after playing around for 45 minutes or so we went to the trail head.We read the clues leading to our first LB. And set out up the trail.

We knew it was easy to find, according to our friend and guide, Jenny so that's why we played around so much. It's fun to get to know these places and enjoy them. So that we did.

Jenny and her son are searching low while Josh (my son) and I are searching high, in and around this old burnt out tree stump.

Josh found it up high, YAY! I was so happy that he found it. We searched for several minutes and read the clues over a few times before we figured it out. He wasn't too excited to grab it out of there though, so Jenny came to the rescue and pulled it out.

My daughter wanted to have her own stamp so she was putting her stamp in the LB notebook. She chose a wolf stamp.

Jenny is showing us how to do all of this while she gets her stamp ready. Their family stamp is Curious George in a space suit.

Here's my son showing our family stamp which looks like our cat, "Jack"

We put the LB stamp and notebook back into it's waterproof container. And Josh put it back where we found it for the next hunters to find.

This is my hubby, Gary and me, Nannette, holding our stamp and our first stamp imprint in our notebook from the first LB we found that day.

Gary had just caught up to us right when we found the box. We had a car problem that morning and he stayed back to fix it and caught up with us just in time.

From here we went to Subway for lunch and proceeded to the next site for LB's two and three. They were at a local park as well, just minutes from our house, called West Fenwick Park. Another easy hike, but we got right down to business for this find.

Jenny found this one hidden well within some tree roots. She pulled it out and found Mr. Slug sleeping there on the corner.

She posed for the "Mmmm, tastes good," shot. We will find many slugs and snails hunting for LB's around here. It goes with the territory.

Last one....you made it to the end of my first post with lot's of pictures.
Gary put's LB three back where we found it so the next hunters can find it too.

This one had a Hitch Hiker (HH) in it. That is an extra stamp that someone planted with the original stamp. We get to record it as found and we will hide it on our next LB day. It's fun to see where the HH's come from and go to. You can follow on a website.

This has been so fun for us. I hope you had time to scroll through the whole story.
I had 64 pictures to chose from so it was hard for me to narrow it down.

See you next time.


  1. I'm so glad y'all did it and seemed to enjoy yourselves! We havne't been in a while, but it's always a neat thing when we do.

    I never realized what a HitchHiker was. I haven't come across one yet!

    Thanks for sharing. =0)

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! How fun and the weather was gorgeous! Glad Jenny didn't eat the slug, lol!

    My only "complaint?" Next time, make the pictures a bigger size! Before you upload them you can choose the size using the buttons on the right.

    I assume you know that and made them small on purpose, but I want to SEE 'em girl!!!!

  3. Hello there!

    It looks like you indeed had fun!

    I KNOW what you mean about having so many pictures and having to choose a few...it's these digital cameras!

    I save TOO many photos...one day it will catch up to me if I do not correct this problem.


  4. Wow that does sound really neat. It looks like everyone had a great time.

  5. Thank you for sharing your day! It looks like you all had such a great time. I would love to see if there is anyone around here that does letterboxing.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's very nice to meet you! :> )


  6. Nannette,

    I can explain how to fix these existing pictures to make them big without re-uploading a single thing. If you want to know how, just email me at ericastoybox@yahoo.com


  7. Much better with the large pictures. Did you do that without reloading them? I saw Erica’s comment about how she could tell you how to enlarge them without reloading…WOW that would be handy knowledge.

    ♥ Hope

  8. Nannette,

    All's well that ends well...as they say.

    I would love it if you forwarded Erica's email about how to enlarge photos without uploading them again.

    You can email me at: CoffeeCappuccinoJavaYes@gmail.com

    Thanks so much!

    ♥ Hope

  9. I don't quite understand what letterboxing is but it sure looks like you had some good times. Maybe you could do a post explaining it for those of us who are behind the times???