Monday, June 8, 2009

Child Safety Tip

I have the neatest child safety tip to share. It's called KidCare ID. I started my booklets in 2001 and I still carry them with a current photo in them.

They include emergency information about your child. You put a current picture of your child in the given location and fill in current information about your child like: name; date of birth; date of the photo; weight and height. It should be updated once a year.

I checked the website to see if it is still available and it is. Go to Project KidCare here.

Also, your local police department may have some for you. Ours was given to us at a local street fair with a nice plastic cover.

I give it to my childcare providers when I leave my kids with them especially if I'm going out of town.

I hope you alreday have something like this or you'll make one or check out the website about it. Have a safe and fun summer.

(Since I'm a newb I forgot how to make a link. Sorry!)


  1. Great idea! I have these as well. I always like looking back at the old ones too!

  2. Thank you...I will check this out.