Saturday, June 27, 2009

Childhood Haircuts

My kids have had a few haircuts, but I took pictures of my daughter getting her last haircut. Our friend cuts our hair for us and does a nice job.

Some of you bloggers will be experiencing your baby's first haircut sometime soon I'm sure. We I videotaped the first haircuts and took pictures and saved the hair. Learned that from my mom. I have some of my baby hair in an envelope somewhere around here.

I didn't save any hair this time, but she had a lot cut off for a change. I was surprised she went so much shorter. It looks nice when it's combed.

The first snips. Aaahhh! Oh it's okay. It'll be fine. You'll like it.

Half way finished!

The final combing. And my daughter loved it! That's what counts. Sorry I didn't take one more picture, but you've seen my daughter since she got her haircut if you've been reading any recent posts.

Well, there were no tears or locks saved just another day at our house. Enjoy!


  1. Looks great! I have a friend cut my hair and almost in the same style! I love it, cute and easy! My hubby shaves the boys' heads!! Quick, easy and cheap.

  2. Hi Nannette,

    You have a good friend. I bet your daughter will enjoy her new haircut with the summer heat. She looks happy.

    You just reminded me that I have to cut my boys and my husband’s hair today. Oh on, I am always anxious when I do it, even thought it turns out fine. I also need to trim my daughter’s bangs.

    Happy Sunday!


  3. I'm sure it feels better -- especially in the summer! Looks great.

  4. yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu whoooooooooooo LOL
    Hope you had a Great weekend.
    Found these ,thought you might like them.

  5. I too have saved locks from each of my babies first haricuts, photos and such...and I might have cried a little, too. I think my hairdresser, who has seen us through many first haircuts, gets a little teary with each one, too.