Monday, June 29, 2009

Youth Group Fun In The Sun

Last night after the baptism, church BBQ, and birthday bowling, I checked out my son's new youth group. New to him because he's going to be a freshman and the group leaders invited all the freshmen to join this month.

They start the evening with some fun games and that is the part I was there for. Next they have worship time and then a message is shared. My son seems to really enjoy himself.

We happen to have some very gifted young adults and older teens. They have been a part of game planning, youth worship and helping younger kids in Awana and theater camp for several years.

It has been fun to see them growing up these past nine years. I'm going to miss the ones going away to college. I hope that we'll have some more grow in to fine young helpers. God will provide for the youth. But the college kids will surely be missed.

Here is my son competing in the first game. Each kid had to carry a sponge full of water to this pic nic table and squeeze the sponge's contents into a soda bottle. There were four teams and I think the whole game lasted about ten minutes or so.

Here is JB's bestie, B, squeezing for his team. Come on, go in the bottle.

JB's team is in the lead. Squeeeeze it JB! Squeeeeze it!

The last man to squeeze and overflow the bottle was on JB's team. As a matter of fact it was a sweep. JB's team won all of the games last night. This is good for my son to experience.

So what do teens do with water when they are finished playing with it? You guessed it. Fling it, toss it, throw it and so on. JB was already wet and I got this picture of one fella getting water thrown on his back. What a reaction. Maybe the water was a little cold.

Next was put your head on a bat and twirl ten times then run around the light pole and back. Some kids fall over twirling. Some head out fast at an angle and then straighten it out, others twirl and head out, but fall in a heap, jump up and run. It's hilarious to see people do this on purpose. I think they want to conquer it. It's great for their confidence and it's fun.

Here's B running a little at an angle, but he recovered quickly.

JB twirling away, but he didn't get dizzy at all it seemed.

Next up was the three legged race. JB was paired with a girl. They did good.

JB's friend, J, and his partner landed in a heap on the sidewalk. Thank goodness they were in slow motion and they didn't get hurt.

The last game I watched was balloon stomp. This one was crazy. These teens are hopping and running in bare or stocking feet, stomping on each other's balloons, trying to pop them. This one girl was being attacked by three guys. They finally popped hers. In the end we could see that the guys had these tiny little balloons that just squished when they were stomped.

A great time was had by all. They all participated and cheered each other on and harassed each other and were pretty tired when I left. I hear they got a second wind and played more games after I left. Good, clean fun! Just how it should be. Praise God for these wonderful teens.


  1. Looks like they had a great time!

    To answer your question about my blog that I printed. Yes, I think it was kind of expensive for my 156 pages. But I was so desperate to have it in hard copy (before it was ever lost online) that it was worth it to me. However, I'm sure if I had taken it to Kinkos or some printing place like that -- it would have cost about the same.


  2. lol looks like a blast lol :)
    Thanks for sharing the pics, I Loved them :)

  3. Awesome! It is wonderful to see the youth in a safe to be silly and have a great time.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Don't they look like they're having fun! Love the one with my oldest son's head on the bat, he looks like he's about to fall over, lol!

  5. And a fun time was had by all! :D

    We just finished up our VBS last week with WATER DAY on Friday........what a HOOT that was!

    Praying you are having a wonderful day!


  6. Hi Mocha momma,
    I just stopped over from Kimberly's at A Planting of the Lord. I hope you do not mind. I loved your post today. I have three teenagers right now and I know that a good youth group and good Christian friends are a must for them. I would love it if you would stop by and visit some time. I plan to come back and visit again soon. It was nice to meet you.
    Christy Rose

  7. Ahh.. youth groups.. don't you just love the spiritual depth they reach there.. LOL..

    Looks like he's going to be in fun group!!

  8. Looks like they had a lot of fun. I know my gang always enjoys fellowship when they have these type of games.

    Check out my post tomorrow for some of those recipes I promised!


  9. Awwwww, looks like great fun! My son is moving up into the youth group this year. So I've got one moved on out already, one already in, and one moving in. =0)

    I work with the youthgroup, so it's like the passing of a baton. We have our initiation/swim party in August. I'm looking forward to it!