Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sixth Photo Challenge From Art's Chili

Kat over at Art's Chili has challenged me to post the sixth photo that I have in the sixth file folder I have on my computer. I'll tell the story that goes with the photo and then explain the rules for the five people I select to challenge.

This is a random picture of my (almost fourteen year old) son. I believe I took it at my parent's house when we celebrated Mom's and my birthdays and Easter this year.

I'll just chat about my son since it's just a random picture. He is our first born. He has been homeschooled since he finished one year of preschool. He's a pretty serious guy, but has silly moments (or hours when he's with some of his friends).

I remember that I couldn't wait for him to be noisy and talk when he was a toddler, but he has never been noisy or talked a lot. Finally he would say a word or two about twucks, tractos, bulldozers, and aopwanes.

He would get so excited when the garbage truck came, he would stand at the front screen door and literally shake and point and and say, "Twuck, twuck..." you get the picture.

Of course he would be holding his Meme and his two fingers would be in his mouth. He might even be in just a diaper and a T-shirt, but he was at the door every week. Cool thing was that the garbage man (I know there's a better name for him) would wave to him.

He started learning to read at age four and just took off with it. He still enjoys reading. He is good at getting his work finished and focus's very well on what he's doing.

He also enjoys computer related activities. He plays all kinds of games on various game consols. He is learning from his dad how to fix these things too. They seem to break quite often.

He has memorized many scriptures and seems to very good at it. He has earned the Meritorious Award for completing six Awana Club books. A youth group we attend weekly during the school year.

He is anxious to be a freshman in high school and to start going to public school. I like the school because it is small. So small the whole ninth grade class goes to every class together. I'm excited to see him growing into a fine young man, but it is hard to let go after nine years of homeschooling him.

So that's my story about my son that goes with the picture.

Now I select these five bloggy friends to take the sixth photo challenge:

1) Erica at Scottsville because I know she has a lot of pictures.

2) Nan at Momstheword because she got me into this blogging.

3) Hope at My Hope Is In The Lord because she has some cool oldie pictures and family pix.

4) Beth in NC at I'm Heading Towards My Destiny because she seems like another nice chick.

5) Karen at Goose Hill Farm because she's so down to earth and has a farm.

1) Go to your photo folders
2) Select the sixth file folder
3) Open it and select the sixth photo in that file folder
4) Write a story for that picture, post it and
5) Select five bloggy friends to tag
6) Be sure to let them know they've been tagged

Have fun with it and I'll be looking for your sixth photos and stories. Thanks


  1. I was going to say he's pretty quiet but then so is my son.....until you put them together, lol! Then there is talking and laughing! And when the Fiercesome Foursome get together....oh my....lookout, lol!

  2. Very cool tribute! He sounds a lot like my 2 year old when he was that age! Any tractors, trucks, garbage trucks and he was happy!

  3. Well cool! I'll have to get crackin' on this new task! It may be a while before you see it, but never fear! I shall do it!!!



  4. Great Challenge and MeMe...Such a cute guy you have there!

    Thanks for your comment on the 5 moms today! Yes, that really happened and it was NOT totally freaked me out!


  5. What a handsome young man. I pray he will make some great new friends when he starts public school!

    Ok, I'll play. I'll create my post so that it will appear later today (we will be in the mountains).


  6. He does sound like a nice young man! I am sure he will do well in school. You have prepared him well, Mama!

  7. He is so handsome. Freshman huh? Time flies doesn't it.

  8. He looks and sounds like a fine young man...what all mothers dream of.

    My boys have never been quiet! They made car noises, kitchen aid noises, and even garbage truck noises even before they could talk.

  9. Nannette,

    I am so far behind on reading blogs. It seems like each time I sit down to do it, I have someone hanging over my shoulder wanting something. So I start, and then I get off. If I ever get through one blog, I am doing well. Sometimes I have to just read the blog and then get back later to comment.

    So now you know why it has taken me forever to come see your sixth photo. I hope mine is a good one….

    I also have a son who will be 14 in a few months. I just loved how you told about him as a little one, getting so excited over watching the garbage truck, isn’t it funny how little boys are like that…so cute

    I will do my photo thing as soon as I can.