Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trout Farm Fishing With Schoolmates

These are our kids. My daughter is twelve and my son is almost fourteen. They got to feed the rabbits at the trout farm before feeding the fish and taking a very interesting tour.

We are homeschoolers who make use of a Virtual Academy. The only time we see the teacher and any classmates is on a field trip. The trout farm was one of those field trips we took in May 2009.

It doesn't seem fair to the fish because there are a lot of fish in a small pond so people can catch them. No throw backs. You keep what you catch.

I mean look at this! The students were given food to throw in the pond and wow do those fish go crazy.

But it's cool for the kids because they get a fish really fast. I almost missed this shot when my daughter caught a fish as soon, I mean as soon as her bait hit the water. Immediately after that, my son caught his fish. My daughter's fish got away before I could get over there to help her. Hey, I had to get pictures.

And this is our teacher. She is so funny! She looks like she's playing baseball instead of fishing. She does have a pole in her hand, but I'm across the pond at an angle that doesn't catch the pole very well.

The funniest thing had just happened. Her four year old daughter had just run away when the fish got the hook. I guess she got scared.

The teacher was hollering for her to come back. She was saying something like, "You're suppose to be doing this. I wanted you to experience it."
It was funny and so cute.

We took home two small fish that day. My kids could have caught 10 each I think, but at $10.00 a fish, I had to lay down the law. I bought them something to drink on the way home instead. (Side note: my kids are so good about not whining about things like this. They understand that money is tight and we have to make tough choices sometimes. I am blessed and proud of them.)

We cooked two smelly trout for lunch the next day. Man fish just stinks the house up so bad. Trout taste very fishy too, but what a great experience we had that day.


  1. Ahhhh, good 'ol fishin! =0)

    Looks like fun!

    Sorry upsizing your pics didn't work out. I bet you did load tiny ones, cuz changing those numbers SHOULD have worked. =0)

  2. Oh, and BTW, if you want a button, just create one and then I can do the HTML for the 'linkage' part that you put beneath it so that people can grab your button. =0)

  3. What a fun time, but I think I would have caught and thrown back. More fun than eating them. YUCK.
    Love the picture of the teacher.

  4. I agree. Starting our day with the Lord is always going to get us off on the right foot!

    Are you going tomorrow night???