Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day for my Hubby

After church today, we had lunch and then the kids brought out the big gift we got for their dad.
Here he sits waiting anxiously for the kids to bring out the gift.
He rarely gets anxious. Only before job interviews. And he's had three or four of those lately.

In case you wondered, he is waiting one more week on answers from
two of those interviews.
He was not accepted for the job from the very first
interview, but he didn't want that one so much anyway. I'll keep you posted. Please remember he has a job so we aren't in a crisis.

I need a job to keep us out of a crisis, though God has brought us this far, I know He'll be faithful to take care of us in this respect as long as we need it.

So here it is, a hammock. I got this idea from another blogger (I feel bad, but I can't remember which of you it was) just in time for Dad's Day.

How many of Mocha Momma's family members does it take to put a hammock frame together? I don't see the cat or hamster so I guess it takes three. They had to put some pins in place and that's about it.
First up to try it out was our daughter. It was a little topsey turvey for a minute.

Then hubby rocked and rolled until he actually flipped sideways. I missed it! He didn't get hurt because it was kind of slow motion flip. I was messing with the camera and missed the best part.

Then our son tried it out with drumsticks in hands. He hasn't started playing the drums yet, except for Rock Band II, but we are looking into it tomorrow.

Of course the king had to try it out. It was pretty funny watching him sniff and hang on and get low so it wouldn't flip back and forth on him. Finally it tipped too far for him and he got off.
I did actually try it out too, but that was after everyone was busy or gone doing something else.
I took it outside and got on it and relaxed for a minute or two.
When I came back inside the weather changed dramatically. I heard a sound and looked out side to see poor Mr. Hammock flipped over because it was so windy and raining too.
Hubs came home and put it away because he didn't want it to get wet
anymore. I explained that it is quite okay to stay out in the rain, but
it is his gift so I'll let him be.
Another year as dad has gone by. I can't believe how far we've come
from two proud and scared thirty something adults to the proud
parents of a teen and pre-teen. What does God have in His plan for us?
When I find out I'll let ya know.


  1. Cool :) LOL The Cat shure seemd to of liked it :)

    Happy Fathers Day to Him :)

  2. Love the hammock. My kids would be all over that, especially #1!

    That was a pretty amazing storm we had earlier so maybe it's just as well you got it out of the rain!

  3. Well, at least you weren't still IN IT when the wind tumped it over! =0)

    Oh... I used the word tumped. (Cross between tipped and dumped). It's a Texas thing! Remember my Welcome To Texas post? Yea!!!

  4. That is a great gift. I hope hubby's present will offer him some great napping opportunities. I also pray a job opens up SOON.


  5. What a great idea for a Father's Day gift. We had a hammock a few years ago and just LOVED IT! Unfortunately, it met it's demise when my Girl Scout troop decided to sit on it....all 12 of them! :> O

    Love the pics!


  6. I am glad you liked the hammock idea. I used run a post with links to all the dad's who got hammocks for Father's Day. Hope they like them...I would hate to be the bearer of a bad gift

  7. How fun! I remember my grandfather had a hammock like this one and so does my father in law. They are great. We have the kind you tie around a tree. Hammocks are great for snuggling in :-).

    By the way. I fixed my button issue. Thanks for letting me know :-)