Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Thing About Pets

What is this fascination with our pets? I've always liked cats and most dogs, but for a long time I did not get the obsession people had with their pets.

Some people treat their pets better than their kids or grand kids. When my kids were young I found this disturbing. Humans are certainly more important than pets aren't they? Especially babies. The babies should come before the pets for sure, right?

Fast forward thirteen years...our family finally gets two pets in one week. We were apprehensive for years because of pet allergies and asthma in our family, but we thought we'd give it a try.

This fella became our "child". I'm not kidding! He is so spoiled. He gets kissed and hugged more than anyone I know. He gets away with more than our kids ever did. Who can resist this gentle, sweet, soft, four legged creature? Awe, isn't he the cat's meow! Ha!

If he's in it or on it or playing with it, it's his, at least for the time being. King, Jack!

But this...not this! I cannot stand a cat on the counter. My daughter captured this moment. Get the sanitizer! I just don't like this. I know he does this when we're not around so cleaning the counters real good is a must.

My daughter loves to pose him. If he's really sleepy you can mess with him a lot. Poor Jack!

Same doll, different day. Oh the humiliation! Well you should hear the stuff he does to us.

Meet pet #two, the mouse hamster, Mattias. Matt for short. He's so sweet. My husband will not touch Matt though. He's just not into rodents.

Now Jack on the other hand is my husband's second son. Oh my gosh! Jack will follow him and try to get my husband to do things for him. It's hilarious!

Matt gets hugged and kissed and played with more than our kids do. You wonder if Jack likes Matt? Well, we keep an eye on Jack.

Some days he can't keep his eyes off of Matt. Once he pulled the cage down onto the floor with a huge crash. Matt was safely sitting very still under the bedding.

He seemed fine, but the cage was in many pieces and had to be reconstructed. Jack was just looking at the mess on the floor. I don't think he knew where the little mousie hamster went.

So if you're wondering why people are obsessed with their pets, just look at Jack and Matt and you'll want one too, unless you are allergic of course. We love them to pieces.

Just one more of stretchy cat. I guess he was very relaxed this day. Pets are fun! Enjoy yours while you can.


  1. Hello!

    I never went to kindergarten, but I went to first grade in Edmonds, Washington and my teacher was Mrs. Streeter (guessing I have the name spelled correctly). I think that must have been 1970-1971…not sure.


  2. Oh...I just saw that you have my blog button...that's nice of you. Thanks!


  3. Loving our pets, and there will be more ... cuz my oldest has a soft spot for animals. I said no to him trying to catch iguanas!

    Thank you for your kind and sweet words. You splashed me today. I was a bit hesitant to post, but simply wanted my heart, my words, even my tantrums to bring Him glory!

    Resting in His goodness,
    Sarah Dawn

  4. Awwww. Better break the cat of counter sitting! Lovely two additions to your family. Blessings.

  5. Love all the pictures. How fun!
    We are a dog family but I love kittens.. just not cats.
    My DF just called me today and one of her cats passed away. It's so sad to loose a close friend like that.

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Well, since I am allergic to him I will ignore him, which means he will love me, lol! I didn't know you guys got a mouse-hamster!

    I would not like a cat on my counter. Fortunately Max can't get up there, although his nose can!

  7. I am with your hubby on the rodent issue. I have 4 dogs (therapy dogs) and 2 cats. We are obsessed with our animals.
    I think the real reason we adore them is b/c they exhibit unconditional love. My animals love me when I am "unlovable" and when others are upset with me.
    By the way...I finally got a great coffee this morning. My hubby was kind enough to make me one.

    Blessings, andrea

  8. We dont' have pets, but I the kids want a puppy so bad and I know how they can become just one of the family. Can't wait til we get a 4 legged family member.

  9. I used to have pet hamsters.... well, I had pretty much any kind of pet you can imagine! You name it, we had it. But I'm allergic to cats so never could really 'enjoy' them. =0(

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  11. We don't own a pet (yet) but our neighbor cat Tawny comes over and I love on her. She is sweet!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, AND you have my button AND the 5 moms!!! I am now following you and I will for sure be reading more often!!!

    You are too sweet! Nice to Meet you! Tarah

  12. rofl Love the one with the dolls LOL