Wednesday, June 10, 2009

End of Year Pic Nic 2009

Our virtual academy had a virtual pic nic about a week ago at a nice park about twenty minutes from our home and it was very hot for this time of year, but we had fun.

It's funny because we just meet people we've been in school with all year and now the year is over. We have been on a few field trips, but my son and I haven't really made friends with anyone. My daughter almost always makes friends.

We won't be in the virtual academy next year unfortunately. I'm going back to work (I hope).

So we say farewell to our teacher and nine years of homeschooling. It has been fun and a challenge.

So we played a little kick ball in the morning. One team needed a player so I volunteered. The boys said I didn't have to kick. They would do that.

I told them I knew I could kick the ball, but I wasn't sure how fast I could run. They agreed to supply me with a "pinch runner" (I love it). I used to be the "pinch runner" now I need one.

I managed a few homeruns with a fast "pinch runner". It was really fun(ny)! We needed lot's of water breaks though.

There's my daughter in the light colors covering second base. Looking somewhere else of course.

My son is running to first base. That's him with his hand in the air.

Our teacher is blowing bubbles. They had lot's of bubbles for the kids.

They also had this cool bubble machine. It would blow bubbles that had bubbles inside of them. This little boy came with his sisters. He was so cute and so good. My son is in the brown shirt reaching for bubbles.

These middle school kids were going wild over bubbles, chasing them and jumping for them. I guess we're never too old for bubbles. I know I was enjoying them, but I am very young at heart and maybe in other ways some folks might say.

There was a small lake called Bradley Lake with a nice path all the way around it and a few geese. There were twenty-two goslings with the adults there. Just a few geese and lot's of evidence that they've been there. No swimming in this lake.

I did mention my daughter can usually make a few friends wherever we go. The three of them plus little brother were skipping through a game the boys were playing singing We're off to see the Wizard .

They thought they were quite funny and that they could ruin the boys' fun. Did the boys even notice? Heck no!

The girls had alot of fun that day and put phone numbers in their phones (not my kid, no phone yet). We wrote down phone numbers the old fashioned way.

Here are the three Musketeers. They were such nice girls. I hope that they can get together this summer sometime.

The teacher (in blue top & hat) chatted with the kids for awhile and encouraged them and congratulated them on all the hard work they've done this year. The kids shared a little and then we all walked around the lake with the teacher and some parents.

About halfway around the lake was this clearing with a funny shaped tree in it. A good place for a picture to be taken. It took a few minutes and a few shots to get this one. I love it!

Well the pic nic was over, but we had plans. There were two letterboxes in this park and we were going to find them.

To see those pictures, come back tomorrow. See more stories and pictures about letterboxing on this blog or visit Erica at Scottsville. We both have some fun stories and pictures.

Great times to remember. I hope my kids appreciate this journal of our lives.


  1. That ground under that tree is bare in what looks like a circle...interesting.
    I really do not like hot weather, and we have been blessed this year with great cooler weather mostly so far. I am sure it will get hot soon. However, we usually cool of rather nicely in the evening because of the delta breeze that come through her.

    ♥ Hope

  2. Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog!!

    That looks like it was a great picnic! We were supposed to go to one yesterday but we decided not to!

  3. Look at you linking away! Isn't it fun! You took some beautiful pictures! I don't know if I've been to this place or not.

  4. Dear Nannette,

    Thank you for your comment about dogs, I appreciate it. Yes, I agree that was in your situation…He never leaves us…all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called to His purpose. I know that even if a dog does attack me, I have to trust in God. It is the fear of it that I want to overcome. I must not walk by sight.

    Thanks again for your encouraging words!


  5. Oh that looks like such a fun time!!! You got a lot of great pictures.=0)

  6. Oh how fun! Sounds like a great day!

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me. I love making new blog friends. And of course, any friend of Nans is a friend of mine. I love Nan! She's a wonderful blog friend!

    Take care! Can't wait to get to know you more in the future!

  7. Mocha,

    Thanks for stopping by. It is nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better. This picnic looks like a lot of fun. I bet you will miss home school?? I am already wondering what I will do and thinking about how much I will miss it when my crew are all graduated...and my last hasn't even started yet. It all goes so fast.

  8. They will totally love the memories you are making for them. Looks like a fun day.