Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day at the Park

Three weeks ago we went letterboxing and today we decided to return to the same park. There is a creek and a pond there and my kids wanted to goof off in the water today so here we are.
Normally I don't notice beauty in small spaces, but since I've seen pictures on other blogs I've learned to look closer for pretty little spaces in bigger, not so lovely spaces. These rocks are not as big as they look in the picture and that plant is a weed, but it sure looks pretty when you get close.

If you've read my first letterboxing post you might recognize this picture a little bit. The grass was tall and there was no water there, just mud and my son had walked through it and gotten his shoes muddy.

They are fixing the park up for the summer activities that go on there and this is how I remember it looking years ago when I first went there.

This thing I've never seen here before. It looks like a sculpture of some kind. It was kinda cool looking I thought. It wraps around the tree and snakes it's way toward the creek.

Looking closer I learned that this is either bamboo or some kind of vine that has been woven through these stakes. I'm anxious to see what it'll look like later this summer.

Some lovers have already carved their initials in this freshly cut tree stump.

Little tiny fishies were swimming in this shady little spot.

Here's my daughter rearranging the scenery by throwing something in the water.

The sun finally came out from behind the clouds so I was standing in the creek and taking a few pictures of my kids. My son took this one of me.

My son wanted to rearrange things too. He wanted to move this log. You may have gathered we don't get out in the sun too much by the paleness of our skin. We use a lot of sunscreen because we don't get out in the sun much and we burn easily (well my kids and hubby burn easily).

My daughter posing with a rock in her hand which she stacked on the little dam they were building by her feet.

Still trying to move that log. He did move it eventually.

All of this hard work had me exhausted (not really) so I sat down in the sun and watched the kids play for awhile. My poor feet look old and they need a pedicure. Another day.


  1. What nice looks like a great place to explore. I am sure my boys would love it!

  2. I'll be going to get a pedicure pretty soon too. I really need to go in the next few weeks. Gotta keep the toes perky during the summer, lol!

    Pretty pictures!

  3. Glad to see y'all out and enjoying nature. Isn't it funny how you learn to 'look' at things differently and appreciate even the tiny little things in God's great creation?

    I know when I first started photographing the world, I began to notice so many things that I'd never seen before!

  4. Oh, and PS! This is a C.C.D. comment here...

    Yes, my granddad who was in WW2 is still alive and kickin'! =0)

  5. Nicely done! It is fun to notice the insignificant details that make life quite lovely. The photo of the rock and the weed is so simple but pretty. Life is more fun when we find the beauty in everyday things around us.

    Your blog button really is pretty…I know I already told you that I liked it. I think it looks very nice where it sits on my blog.

    I order the blog buttons on my blog according to color and how I think they best blend with one another.