Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letterboxing a Second Time

Welcome back! Thanks for dropping in. I am a little late tonight because I've been working on a job application on line for a school district job.

I haven't worked in over thirteen years so it's been challenging to be creative and interesting to a possible future employer. I had to write a short essay about how my experience and skills will be useful to the school.

Thank the Lord I brushed up all these years helping my kids write stories and essays. I remembered good words and transitions. It was kinda fun once I got into it.

Well I promised more letterboxing pictures. We went to our end of the school year picnic last week and I had clues with me to two more letterboxes. So after the picnic we went out and found them.

Here are my kids with the clues. My son was reading them and we were following them. The only problem was we were reading the wrong clues for where we were.

We thought we knew the path because we'd been by there earlier on a walk, but we were on the path by one picnic table and reading the clues for the path by two picnic tables.

You can't tell that my daughter is hot, grumpy, sunburned and dramatically whinning can you?

Note to self: Do the letterboxing in the morning when kids are at their best.

We found the tree with sap running down it. Now count 30 steps and look right or something like that. I was getting frustrated and grumpy too because we couldn't find the landmarks.

We finally found the first one. It's always good to use a stick to check for any critters living on and around the letterbox site.

We pulled away the old pieces of bark and there it was. A very small ziplock container. We got out our samps, stampads and log books and stamped away.

Closed it up tightly and carefully put it back the way we found it. Off we went to the next site.

We almost passed up the landmark for this one. I just insisted on trying the clues from the tree I thought was the landmark. Sure enough we found it at the base of a tree.

It was covered with rocks. My son couldn't find it at first cuz there were a lot of rocks there. So he let me go in and find it. Here I am coming out of the bushes with it. This one was so small I couldn't believe there was a logbook in it.

More stamping

My daughter was glad we were finished with this craziness.

So goes another letterboxing adventure. We have learned something each time. It is fun and you can go to Atlas Quest to find out more and maybe you'll start letterboxing this summer.


  1. Still haven't tried this yet. With all my allergies to pollen I may not, lol! However, my kids seemed to have enjoyed it and looks like you guys are too!

  2. What fun. LOoks like a great family activity.

  3. Glad you're enjoying it and spreading the word. Maybe we'll get more people hooked!

  4. Hello Nannette,

    No, to answer your question, I have never done letterboxing. But it was fun reading your post about it and looking at your photos.