Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flowers 2009

I love color and God gives us so much brilliant color in
flowers, bushes and trees.

These pictures are of some of my flowers in my yard and some
are from a friend's yard. ENJOY!

This is one of my a most absolutely favorite blooming bushes. I call it "Bleeding Heart". It blooms early and doesn't stay long enough for me. I love it. Thank you God.

Another favorite because I can usually keep them alive and blooming for a long time. And they come in so many colors. The Pansie.

These are so cute. I think they are a Pansie also. I'm such a novice, but I love flowers.

Here are some pictures from my friend's yard (she's my friend's sister-in-law really). This yard is so friendly and inviting. You can look for hours and sit and ponder in several places.

It has taken years of pampering, but my friend seems to have the gift for it. I hope to use some of her ideas.

This is a real flower. I believe it is the Climatis. Purple is one of my faves.

This Golden Chain tree is one of many in the yard. The sky was so blue that day. It was so beautiful.

It speaks for itself. Ahhhhh! I want one! And some ice tea, please.

Talk about a Fern!! Wow!!!

This area was a place to sit under cover and read, nap, have a hot or cold beverage, or write. A very relaxing nook, even in the rain.

I love the garden gate and the cute fountain. There was even a street style lamp in there. Lot's of green. Very comforting.

Here I am enjoying one of the many sitting areas. What an awesome garden visit.


  1. How beautiful, thanks for sharing! I am enjoying my day lilies that are blooming now. Seeing the close up of the bleeding hearts just shows you how awesome our God is. The delicate detail, like the tiny hairs on a bumble bee. Just breathtaking & very humbling...thanks again for a lovely post!

  2. Lovely pictures, indeed and what a beautiful garden!
    ♥ Hope

  3. Oh! Thanks for following my blog!
    ♥ Hope

  4. This is so pretty! I love flower gardens. I love Tootsie's blog, as her yard is amazing!

    I love flowers, but just don't want to do the work in my own garden. I guess because I'm allergic to the pollen!

  5. I love bleeding hearts. I had one for a few years but it died on me. I'm thinking of getting another one for next year. I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to flowers and plants, too, but I'm slowyly learning! Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful.

  6. What beautiful pictures. You have a great eye for this.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Have a blessed day!!

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for the tour. The place we used to live had bleeding hearts. I really miss them. I do believe you have inspired me to go out this afternoon to the greenhouse here in town & buy a few for this yard.
    Great blog!

  8. Hi!
    It is so nice to meet you!
    I LOVE these beautiful pictures! I love flowers...not great at keeping them alive...but I love them! :)
    And I love sitting outside in all of God's creation. Those places for sitting in your friend's yard look sooooo inviting!!!
    Have a great week!