Friday, June 19, 2009

Oldies, But Goodies

I always like to start with a flower these days. This is a Golden Chain Tree from that yard I visited
three or four weeks ago.
I love it and want to get some, but we'll see.

This is kind of a silly blog about the really old kitchen stuff I have and still use all of the time. We're kind of a "If it's not broken don't fix it" kind of a family.

Speaking of broken, now that my hubby has finished replacing the radiator in our Jeep, our dryer broke the other day. He found the problem today, got the part and fixed it already.

Now if we had to get a repairman, I think I'd be waiting for two to three weeks for my dryer to be fixed. I'm spoiled by the talents my hubby has been blessed with. Thank God for this because it saves us a lot of money, not to mention time and frustration.

On with the oldies, but goodies...

First up is our twenty nine year old Revere Ware. I received it for Christmas shortly before my first marriage. Funny thing is, my current hubby had some pieces of his own so we combined our sets when we got married fifteen years ago and have lived happily ever after.

Same vintage year here. Got this from my former SIL who was selling Tupperware at the time of my first marriage. Notice the dark brown plunger thingy. I lost the original down the garbage disposal. I had never had a GD before and didn't even know what happened to my plunger thingy. They were out of the tan color so I accepted the brown one. We use this everyday.

This one came with this house when my hubby bought it nineteen years ago. He bought it as a fixer upper house and for $2,000 more he got everything in the house. There were some really cool things in the house, but we just couldn't keep it all.

I love this bowl for popcorn. It doesn't have it's lid anymore, but we don't need it. I wonder how old it is?

This is the prettiest Tupperware I have. It has a blue ladle too. I use it for popcorn too and colorful salads. I think it's about fourteen years old.

Sterlite and Rubbermaide storage containers have been my friends for many years. There were many sizes and shapes in the Rubbermaide set. Just two Sterlite pieces. Some pieces have gone by the wayside, but I use what I have a lot.

I just had to have the set on the left. There were different sizes and they all stacked nicely and fit great in the cupboard. I had a set with blue lids and one with red lids. Don't know why the red set is gone. Probably a yard sale item. I don't even have the whole blue set anymore. Impulse buy back in the 90's I think.

I have a canister set of the white one. They are full of sugar, flour, brown sugar and tea bags. I love this set.

Now these babies are priceless. Do these spoons belong to you? Leftovers from pot locks a long time ago. Couldn't find the owners so they are now our serving spoons used every day.

The knife was my mom and dad's. I think it was in their camper. When they sold their camper we got the contents for our fifth wheel. Nice deal. I think the grater was in that group too.

There's a story with the grater. I guess I'm not very old fashioned cuz I love this old thing. It requires a little TLC. I do not put it in the dishwasher or let it stay wet. It gets rusty fast.

I bought a very expensive, fancy mandolin style grater once and found it cumbersome, too big to store and a pain to use. I actually gave it away. What an expensive waste. I had saved my very old grater so I brought it out of moth balls and re-commissioned it.
Now this puppy is my very old sports bottle that I fill with ice water every night and put on my night stand. I drink most of it with my popcorn every night. Yes, popcorn every night! I love popcorn!! I don't know how many more trips through the dishwasher this baby can handle. One thing I know, I have some Tupperware straws I can replace this straw with.

So there's your trip down memory lane whether you wanted it or not. It was fun! Glad you stopped by.


  1. I love tupperware. Love that pitcher.My mom still has that one.

  2. Cute post..

    Though when you said "speaking of broken, my husband.. " LOL - I thought you were going to start talking about your hubby being Old and broken.. ROFL!! Guess my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

  3. We live by the same rules....our tv is probally 30 years old...but it still works well.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. Lovely photo!

    Your Revere Ware is looking good…I have some like that and I really like them. We got our first new pans after 8 years of marriage.

    Love the popcorn bowl…makes me think I want some popcorn with grated cheese on top.

    I think one of those spoons belong to me. Ha! Ha! That photo is charming…makes me think of the 1960s…although I bet they are not that old.

    Fun post.


  5. Oh yes, and thank you for your nice comments on my family photos. I am very close to all of my sisters.


  6. Oh my…here I am again.

    I meant to ask you about how your husband’s interview went. Hoe probably does not know the results yet, does he?


  7. Hey, I have that exact same set of "Revere Ware" pans in the first picture! And I do love me some Tupperware!!! =0)

    Have a few of this and a few of that.

  8. Hi, Nannette.

    Did I mention I think Mocha Mamma is sucha fun name!

    My mom had that same pitcher at the top. I agree we are definitely, if it doesn't need fixin leave it alone...

    I too am blessed with a hubby who can do anything...which I appreciate even more as we get older and I hear the woes of my girl friends waiting for repairs to be done.

    I wanted to let you know to hop over to my blog and check out How I Became a Bird Mama...You've been tagged in the 6th photo challenge.

    Happy Saturday!


  9. I have Farberware and it has lasted this long too! Man, I recommend that set to anybody.

    I have the white with the blue lid rectangle set. It holds my flour, sugar, wheat, crackers, etc.

    Love tupperware!

    Oh, and yeah, your hubby is a treasure and can fix anything!!!!!

  10. Yes, my tv works. We have comcast it just runs thru it...however that works.