Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drum Lessons

My son (JB) expressed an interest in learning how to play the drums after several months of playing Rock Band II. Even after the X-Box bit the dust he continued to take out the drum set that goes with it and mimic playing the drums. He air drums all day which can be annoying, but I guess that's what kids do.

His uncle heard him say that he was interested and offered to pay for lessons. JB didn't take him seriously at first so he didn't say "Yes, I would like that". So it was let go. JB kept drumming without drums and I finally suggested that he call his uncle and ask him if he was still offering the lessons. So here we are finally getting started.

We went to check out the school last week and my BIL payed for five lessons.

The school is in an old building, but they have done a nice job with the inside to make it a functional school. There is a parking lot which is quite a plus for this part of the city. I am happy for that.

JB took pictures of a lot of things. I'm surprised he didn't take a picture of the resident cat named "Hella". I almost did. I love cats.

Here is JB sitting at the drums across from his instructor.

Here is the instructor at his drum set. We are told that he has travelled throughout most of the world playing drums and learning styles from other countries. He played with the Screaming Trees!! I have no knowledge of secular bands so I was clueless, but impressed. My BIL knew the band and said that Barrett, the teacher, is very good.

Here's JB standing by the sign as we left last Monday. He had his first lesson and I took him to our church to practice for thirty minutes today. Barrett gave him a CD with claves beating for him to play along with. I am not musical so it's a challenge to write about music beats, rhythms, tones, etc.

Barrett also gave JB a set of sticks. JB said they are Barrett's. Barrett couldn't find a good set in the schools supply box so he said "Here, use mine." Kids are impressed by these things. JB doesn't show much emotion, but I could tell he was impressed.

So that is a first for this family. Neither of our kids has taken any music lessons before so this is a new adventure. Join us as we begin drum school. Am I ready for the sound of drums? I do not know. Only God knows.=D


  1. How neat! Brady played the drums in beginner band this year. I am now bitterly still paying for a very expensive drum that will never be touched again. Unless he figures out how to play football & be in the band at the same time, ha! Hope JB loves it & sticks with it. I also hope your nerves hold up to the constant tapping :0) I know it has done a number on mine!!

  2. LOL Now you know why i changed BLOG AGAIN, its becoming annoying uuug lol.

    Cool pics, Id like to sign Jacob up for music lessons but cant find anyone :( so he piddles on his organ/piano

  3. snagged your button :)

  4. Both my kids played piano, as you know, but we lost the teacher for the youngest and just never found another. He took guitar one year too, but never drums. I guess he'll just have to stick with singing.