Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinching Pennies

The other day a lady appeared on T.V. via one of our local stations to tell us dimwits how to make things last longer which will help us save money.

This is what she shared. Add a little water to the soap pump bottle when it gets low so as to use up all the soap in the bottle. Yes, good idea.

Next she shared about heating up the syrup by running the bottle under hot water to soften the syrup and then you can poor it out. Geesh! She could save money by putting it in the micro for a couple of seconds instead of running it under hot water.

This is all I heard. I had to laugh out loud for a bit then because I've been doing this and more for years. I thought everyone did these things. I know you ladies do all kinds of things to save a penny here and there. We could have done this local commercial to all the dimwits folks out there in T.V. land ourselves and done a better job.

We use washable storage containers for years like my old friends up in the corner there. We use bar soap and save the little pieces to make another usable hunk. I used to even melt excess wax out of candle holders and jars to make new candles. Not so much anymore though.

Do you use your tea bag more than once? How about refilling the water bottles (but that's bad for your health now) or using a sports bottle? Re-using pots from flowers? Trying to save your garden flowers over until the next year just to see if how many make it?

I'll bet some of you make crafts with cans, lids, old jeans, shells and glass from the beach, etc. You name it, I'm sure some of you have done it.

So if we've been doing these money saving things for all these years, how can we save more money now? We need new ideas. Come on Martha Stewart ya right, get the show on the road. We ladies need real money saving ideas.

If you feel so inclined, please share your money saving ideas. I have barely brushed the surface with my mini offering of ideas. Have fun with this ladies. It will help others out too.


  1. bahaha, Girl had to laugh at the syrup lol

  2. Funny post!!! I reuse a lot of stuff in my classroom! No big secrets here, but would love to read some new ones!

  3. She obviously wasnt talking to you and I and certainly not my frugal hubby who could have written the book. Over the last few years I have been amazed at our throw away society and the lack of interest in saving or being cautious. With our economy in the toilet others are having to realize what you and I have always practiced...sensible and responible living!!

    Hope you are feeling better. How is your mouth from your dental work?
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. Hmmmmmmmm, I dumpster dive for coupons at the post office. That's about the extent of my bright ideas! =0)

  5. Laughing with you. I know what you mean. I read the newspaper, magazines...all that how to save money stuff and I just shake my head...gee my mother taught me those things like 30 years ago...give me some way to save more money!

    My big suggestions are written in my post gas and groceries from a few months ago if you want to check it out.

    I will at long last be posting a bread recipe to go with it tomorrow. Great money saver...manking your own bread...tastier and healthier, too.

  6. Nannette,
    I answered your ? in the comments on my blog. I thought others may have the same ?
    Thanks for following my crazy blog life...andrea

  7. i have started using water bottles to fill up instead of buying bottled water. I also use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. I do add water to things too. I use vinegar and water to clean the glass in my house not windex.
    That's about it for me. I will have to think of more.

  8. Loved reading this!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Yes...this will be our 2nd time at Acadia. 5 years ago we camped. And we visited Thunder Hole. It was amazing to see God's creation and hear the roar of that awesome mighty ocean.
    This year we are renting a cottage as I am getting tired of all the work camping entails...and after working all school year..I need a break!
    I like your blog..i'll be back...

  9. Hey! Mine is still really sore. I had to have the tooth next to the dry socket pulled because it did something to that one too...I don't know. I'm having a ton of dental work done & it really stinks. Thanks for checking on me :0) I hope yours gets better too! I think about you with every throb, ha! Oh...I refill my water bottles too!!

  10. No, we aren't twins! We've been asked that all of our lives though. With our names & looking just alike. My oldest son looks exactly like him & his daughter looks just like me :0) I told Miti at the Five Mom's blog I was going to have to do a post about how my name sounds, ha! It's funny that you asked! It should be spelled "Shona" It sounds like the song, Sha-na-na-na, Sha-na-na-na, Hey, hey, hey...goodbye!!

  11. Good morning~

    I just posted an entry with some of the things that we do to save money. Come take a look!