Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mocha Mondays

The second Monday of every month, several women from our church get together at the local Mall for what we call Mocha Monday.

Some of you know Nan at Momstheword, find her here. She has been very helpful in getting my blog started. She is actually the one who convinced me to try it and I love it. Thanks Nan.

Here we are last Sunday when she came to my house to help me with my blog. She's on the left and of course I'm on the right. You can tell it was hot because neither of us wears a sleevless outfit unless it's really hot.

Well, this was my car yesterday. It has a leaking radiator so my hubby is fixing it. We are waiting for parts now. So I am without wheels for who knows how long. So Nan came and picked me up for Mocha Monday.

Here some of us are at the mall. Sorry it's so dark, but you can see Nan. There were twelve of us when we were all there at once.

Some moms bring their little ones that can't stay home. As you can see we had plenty of willing baby holders. Nan is one of them.

Some of us bring our kids along and here's my son on the left with two of his friends. Originally Mocha Monday was supposed to be a ladies night out, but some of us couldn't leave our kids at home alone when they were younger so more kids started coming to hang out and now they're part of the monthly event.

This is our friend who owns an Auntie Anne's pretzel place in the mall. Some of the ladies were talking about this cherry limeaide drink that they get at a different fast food place and our friend said she could make it.

So she went to her store in the mall and got the supplies and brought it back to us. She is pouring samples here. It was good!

Well here's Jenny from letterboxing day (another post of mine you may want to see). She really likes kids . She took this picture, with my camera , of her and one of the little darlings that goes to our church. Her mommy is Rhonda and she has a blog too.

So that's what Mocha Momma and Momstheword have been up to lately. Stop bye and visit her and Rhonda. I think you'll find something you'll like. Happy mocha drinking to you!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I told Nan in one of our comment conversations how you could get the 3 columns for your blog. She had asked me for you. Did she pass along the info?

  2. Actually I counted fourteen but that's because two came later (not counting the babies)! It was fun, wasn't it!!!!

    I'll have to remember to bring my camera next time too!

  3. Great post!!! So good to see both you AND NAN! When I saw that first picture, I was like "Is that Nan?" How cool! Kinda like my Saturday post where I featured my blogger friend Kristine. She's just not as 'into' it or as vocal yet, but we're gettin her there! =0)

    Looks like y'all had a "mo"valous time!

  4. It sounds like so much fun!!!

  5. Yeah, blogging is fun…and I bet it is lots of fun to get to go out with Nan.
    Love the photos

    ♥ Hope